This sheet allows the definition of any geometry by means of a drawing translated into a dxf file.
You don't need any knowledge on how a dxf file is structured to use this application. However some more information are reported below for those that are expert with dxf files.
To calculate the section properties, the drawing is transformed into a pixel image and the properties calculated by the methods of the geometry of mass applied to each pixel.
Section defined in a dxf: instructions
Just prepare the drawing representing the section with your favourite CAD application, using lines, arcs, circles and polylines.
The section is represented by means of its outer contour and possibly of one or more internal contours representing holes. All contours must be closed, or the application will fail.
The dimensions are not important, the height (depth) and the scale of the section shall be defined in the xcalcs sheet.
Then generate a dxf file from the drawing and save it to a suitable location.
Now go to xcalcs, load the sheet, click on the blue image on the right and enter the name of your dxf file.
When the sheet is reloaded, define the height (depth) of the section and look at the result.
Section defined in a dxf: more information
The purpose of this calculation sheet is to calculate the inertial properties of a section defined by a dxf file. More information upon calculation methods may be obtained upon request: in this event please always specify the reason for the request (perhaps an unexpected result).
The following rules are used in interpreting the file:
- the dxf file may be a complete file, or also might contain only the ENTITIES SECTION
- only the ENTITIES SECTION is processed
- as a consequence, frozen layers, line types, units of measurement and many other features are discarded
- the z coordinate is not considered, only the x and y coordinates are processed
- angles are assumed to be expressed in sexagesimal degrees
- only the following entities are processed: LINE CIRCLE ARC LWPOLYLINE POLYLINE
- invisible entities and entities in paper space are ignored
- make sure there are no superimposed entities, as the application does not detect this condition and the results will be unpredictable