Load combination: how to
This sheet calculates the superposition of different loads acting on the same structure.
To obtain your result you must closely follow the following steps:
1)Copy this sheet into a directory of your own. Define the geometry and material by entering the appropriate data
2)Copy a sheet for the same structure (e.g.a beam in simple bending with 2 simple support, not a different one with 2 fixed supports or a beam in bending+shear) in the same directory and define the load (magnitude, position, ...). Be sure to also give a descriptive title to your load in the appropriate cell, as this will be used to denote the combined loads in the combi sheet. The geometry (length, section,...) and material are already defined, as they come from the combi sheet under 1
3)Repeat step 2 for as many different loads as you want to combine. Remember that only sheets with loads for the same structure and residing in the same directory will be summed together
4)Load again the combi sheet under 1 above to see the result
Hint: if you want to test different load combinations for the same structure, you must collect the sheets pertaining to each one into different directories. If on the contrary you have different load combinations for different structures, they may reside in the same directory.