Directions for registered users
1) After login the menu is reloaded and it contains a new line with your username: this is your private space for creating folders and copying private sheets, that no one else will be able to access and modify.
2) In the private folder you may create sub folders: this is done by the command under Tools->Actions on folders You may adopt any directory structure suiting your needs.
3) Renaming of folders and other operations are grouped under the menu item "Tools". The commands are self explanatory concerning their targets: all commands apply to the sheet loaded in the main window and to the last opened directory: so to act on a specific sheet first load it, and to act on a specific directory first click on it.
4) Under the menu item "My account" you can access again these instructions and input your personal data (only if you want to do so!).
5) Should you so desire, you might have one or two logos of your own appearing at the upper left and upper right corner of each private sheet (otherwise private sheets will have no logo, unlike public sheets). The logos will be the same for every sheet located in your private folder. If you want to do so, you may send us one or two logos by email.

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Biblioteca (1554)
Vigas (527)
Frames (239)
Arcos (285)
Pipes (90)
Plates (299)
Vessels (69)
Stability (30)
Other (15)

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