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You may purchase credit to access specific sheets you are interested in, or purchase a subscription for a specified duration.
Corporate users may prefer to pay after receipt of the invoice or might be interested in multiple subscriptions. Please ask for a quotation, including your contact details.
Payment is by means of PayPal secure servers. Note that you'll need at least session cookies enabled to make a payment.
If you make a payment
Under all circumstances a receipt shall be sent by PayPal to the email address of your PayPal account.
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Purchase a subscription
If you buy a subscription, you'll be able to access and modify all the private sheets you want.
Please choose one of the following options by clicking the corresponding button.
Subscription: duration 30 days:
15 Euro
Subscription: duration 1 year:
75 Euro

Purchase credit
You can load and view your private sheets, but to calculate them (except the free ones) you must have a positive balance in your account.
After having deposited money in your account, when you start modifying one of your sheets, a small amount of money is taken off from your account after asking your confirmation, and you get modification rights on that sheet over a period of 2 full days.
The amount (euro) so required per sheet is indicated (when due) on the left of each sheet in the menu for your private folders.
So, if you want to purchase credit, just decide how much you want to pay, there's no minimum, and click the button below.

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